Senin, 21 Januari 2013

Mafia 2 Full version

The game is set in the 1940s-1950s era of Empire Bay, a fictional city based onNew York City
, Chicago
, Los Angeles
 and Detroit
 There are 30-40 vehicles in the game (45 with DLC
) as well as licensed music from the era.

Many firearms from the previous game return, such as the Thompson submachine gun
 and Colt 1911
, as well as a pump-action
 (though it was changed from a Winchester Model 12
 to a Remington 870
). New WWII-era weapons like the MP 40
, the M3 submachine gun
, the MG 42
 and theBeretta Model 38
 also appear in the game.

OS: Windows XP/
Processor: Intel
Core 2 Duo @ 3.0
GHz / AMD Athlon
64 X2 3600+
Memory: 1.5 Gb
Hard Drive: 8 Gb
Video Memory:
512 Mb
Video Card:
nVidia GeForce
8600 / ATI Radeon
HD 2600
Sound Card:

link download mafia 2 full version

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