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Hard To be a God Full Version

Hard to Be a god is RPG with adventure and espionage elements and is based on the novel by the Strugatsky brothers . There are two planets that are very similar. Betweein them however no form of contact exists and both evolved in totally different ways. One followed the way of the modernism and developed technologies. The other developed hardly and continued to be a medieval society. Intrigued by social standstill a secret agent from the modern planet is send to the medieval planet  to investigate the causes of the stagnated evolution. The player gets in the role of this secret agent who must work very carefully. He must use his modern equipment as little as possible because this would attract too much attention of the population. They sometimes think that the secret agent is a god. Because you can use a little modern weapons you must use mainly the old ones. There are lots of old weapons like twohanded swords, axes and guns. Weapons are however not always the right way to progress.You will need to interact with them as well. How people address you depends on clothing you wear.
Minimum Requirements:
Processor: Pentium @ 1,6 GHz or equivalent
RAM: 1024 MB (1,5 GB for Vista)
Graphic card: DirectX 9.0c-compatible 128 MB video card (GeForce 6600 or higher)
Sound card: Compatible DirectX 9
Operating system: Microsoft � Windows � XP o Vista
Hard disk: 2 GB free disk space
DirectX �: Version 9.0c (Nov.)

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