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Dragon Age 2 Full Version

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The game starts with the Hawke family escaping Ferelden with an army of Darkspawn in pursuit. Soon however, they are forced to fight the overwhelming threat alongside a Templar, Wesley, and his wife, Aveline. Although one of Hawke's siblings (either Bethany or Carver, depending on Hawke's class) is killed, the skirmish ends with the intervention of Flemeth, a witch who can assume the form of a huge dragon. After promising to complete a task for Flemeth and mercy-killing Wesley, she helps the party escape to Kirkwall, a city across the sea where they hope to find refuge. Upon arriving in Kirkwall however, the party finds itself outside the city gates, which are overwhelmed by Ferelden refugees. The group is forced to call upon their Uncle Gamlen Amell, who no longer holds the fortune and estate that used to be held by the Amell family. Therefore, Hawke sees no choice but to enter the service of either a mercenary or a smuggler group. The group Hawke chooses then pays the bribe that the Hawke family needs to enter the city, and they take up residence in Gamlen's small dilapidated house in Lowtown.
After a year of service for one of the two groups, an opportunity of prosperity presents itself: The dwarf brothers Bartrand and Varric are planning a treasure hunting expedition into the perilous region of the Deep Roads. The expedition is expected to be extremely risky but very rewarding. Bartrand refuses to hire any more warriors; Varric, however, reveals that they desperately lack enough funding and knowledge of the region. Therefore, he approaches Hawke and proposes a partnership in exchange for the fulfillment of the two requirements. As such, Hawke embarks on an adventurous quest to earn the needed capital and enlist the aid of Anders, a rogue mage and a former Grey Warden who possesses the precious knowledge about The Deep Roads.
The Deep Roads expedition proves both a financial success and a tragedy: Hawke's party survive the perilous expedition. The proceeds make Hawke famous and wealthy, enabling him to relocate to a mansion in Hightown. However, both Varric and Hawke lose one of their siblings: During the expedition, a very powerful magical idol causes Bartrand to go permanently insane. Consequently, he betrays Hawke and Varric, stranding them at the mercy of a merciless horde of the Darkspawn and a very powerful magical Rock Wraith. Depending on the player's choices, Hawke's sibling (Carver or Bethany) is either killed by the Darkspawn or is forced to leave the family.
Three years later, Hawke is summoned by the Viscount of Kirkwall to help resolve the political situation that the foreign military forces of Qunari have caused. The Qunari, who had arrived in Kirkwall three years before, neither obey the laws of Kirkwall nor seem willing to leave in the foreseeable future. While Hawke investigates the reason of their presence (which they are unwilling to supply), the tension between the Qunari and the inhabitants of Kirkwall escalates. An anti-Qunari faction attempts to instigate a war to purge the Qunari from the city, while dissidents and criminals join the Qunari to evade law enforcement. Personal tragedy also strikes Hawke when their mother Leandra is abducted by a blood mage serial killer preying on Kirkwall's women; Hawke finds and kills the murderer, but too late to save Leandra. Eventually, as Hawke discovers the reason of the Qunari presence (the search for a coveted artifact) the tension reaches such a height that the Qunari decide to attack Kirkwall and execute the Viscount. Hawke's party successfully retake Kirkwall and (if the player chooses) eliminate the Qunari leader. For their actions, Hawke is declared the champion of Kirkwall.
After another three years, Kirkwall still lacks a Viscount due to the tyrannical rule of Knight-Commander Meredith and the Templars of Kirkwall, who turn Kirkwall into a police state that she rules with an iron fist. While the main duty of the Templars is to enforce justice amongst the mages in Kirkwall and to prevent the practice of blood magic (an evil branch of magic), they practically cause the opposite through their heavy-handed and oppressive treatment of the innocent, extensive use of torture, unlawful infliction of the Rite of Tranquility upon mages (which effectively lobotomizes the inflicted person), as well as their own decadence and corruption. Time and again, the clash between the Templars and the mages becomes violent and forces Hawke to intervene, especially when a group of anti-Meredith rebels kidnap one of Hawke's family/friends and hold him or her hostage.
Eventually, Anders decides to force the Templars' hand and, with or without Hawke's help, orchestrates a massive explosion that levels the Kirkwall Chantry and kills the Grand Cleric to whom the Templars bear allegiance. This act triggers the final decisive battle between the mages and the Templars across the city, in which the player must pick a side. If Hawke fights alongside the Templars, he or she is made Viscount of the Kirkwall; alternatively, fighting alongside the mages results in Hawke becoming the symbol of global rebellion against the Chantry. Regardless of the choice, however, Hawke must kill both the Templar commander Meredith (who has purchased Bartrand's idol and refashioned it into a weapon to fight the mages) and the mage leader Orsino (who gives into blood magic to protect his charges from the Templars.)
As he concludes his story, Varric reveals that Hawke's companions eventually drift apart and Hawke disappears. It is also revealed that the Circles of Magi all over Thedas have followed Kirkwall's example and rebelled, and the Templars have broken away with the Chantry to fight the Circles. Satisfied, Cassandra tells Varric that she believes Hawke is the only person capable of stopping the fighting, and lets him go. Outside, she meets with fellow Seeker Leliana, and they both agree that either Hawke or the Warden must be found in order to stop the coming war.

System requirement
CPU : Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz,AMD Althon X2 (or higher)
Ram : 1 GB Windown XP , 1.5 GB Windown Vista or 7
HD : 8GB free space
Video : NVIDIA Gerfoce 7900 GS, ATi Radeon 2600 (or higher)

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